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The Men of The Olympics

31 Jul

The London Summer Olympics are among us. Of course I appreciate the nature of the games, and all it represents; the best athletes in the World competing for their nations at an international level. But what I can appreciate even more are the rock hard abs, chiselled arms, and amazing smiles of all the sexy men from all over the World.

Go Canada Go!!! (as long as you’re in a speedo)


Happy 100th birthday!!!!!!!!

5 Jul

Tomorrow marks the first day of the centennial celebration of the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”. 10 days of Budweiser, Bullriding, Boots and Babes. Not gonna lie, Stampede season is better than Christmas, but with excitement comes a little bit of anxiety for how aggressive this party truly is. I’m not the only one with these feelings, as CNN International ranked the Calgary Stampede as the fifth best place to party like a rockstar for 2012. GIDDY UP CALGARY, this is going to be one hell of a celebration.