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30 Jun

Techno, my love for you is somewhat introverted, I wish there was the passion and a bigger community to support you in this city of mine.

Here’s a cool interview with Joris Voorn, a dutch techno artist, who talks about techno, touring and NYC house. He mentions how underground techno still is in America; I wonder when/if this love of mine will really catch on #europeandreaming

Speaking of dutch techno and Joris Voorn, check out a festival happening today in Amsterdam in which he is spinning at called Awakenings. What I would give to be there right now, one day of pure bliss.


Comme la vie est belle

29 Jun

How life is beautiful. It is isn’t it? This is now a place for me to share all things beautiful: music, fashion, travel, boys, politics, and everything else I love.

Here’s a beautiful song to start things off